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Diggity Cheese is the on-line hub for all things Paul Little. (Don't worry about why it's called "Diggity Cheese". It just is.) Anyway, on this site you will find his entire songwriting library (including lyrics, mp3s, and video links), short films, video edits, and a complete database of every concert he's ever attended. To the right are a bunch of links where you can find Paul throughout this crazy series of tubes known as the internet -- including the entertainment website he runs (ShowbizMonkeys.com) and his web design company (Little Web Pages) -- plus his latest Twitter posts ("tweets"). Below are the latest posts from Paul's Tumblr. These are things he finds interesting at the moment (including, quite shamlessly, any new stuff he's done).

Take a look around, and feel free to say hello via e-mail, tweet, or Facebook message if you like something you see!

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